We’re a bunch of folks who love to telemark. We wanted to produce clothing that says “Yeah, I Telemark!” This clothing is for people who love to freeheel and those who love the outdoors.

We believe what our logo simply states…

  • that the world should exist in a peaceful, harmonious state
  • powder is a beautiful thing, and
  • every human has the right to happiness.

That is why we will donate a minimum of 5% to social, environmental, and medical causes. Enjoy your garment, your life, and help someone smile.

Can you say made in the USA? Sure you can. Keeping jobs in the US, shipping localy instead of across the big pond, offering prices at half of retail... We are not only being patriotic and reducing our carbon imprint, we are the outdoor stimulus package!

Telemark Skier Magazine! www.freeheellife.com Check out the trailer for the new Free Heel Life Video!